Friday, June 11, 2010

Session 2.5

Hitting the studio again on Thursday to record this song for a Dio tribute comp. I'm not sure what it's being released on. We are also gonna finish the vocals on the other two comp. tracks that we didn't finish last time. Should be a fun day.

P.S. We are almost done with our side of the empire legs split, just some tune ups. Will be recorded soon. Lots of other stuff also being written concurrently. So stay tuned and shit.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Recording 4 New Minutes Of Thrash.

Thursday the 3rd of June, and Friday the 4th of June Wake The Machines will be recording 4 new tracks. 2 for our upcoming 5" lathe cut split(Midnight Sea Records) with Sei Hexe. They're from portland(Also being released on tape by Midnight Sea). One for a compilation CD about the police(not the band) on Kill A Cop records, and the last for another compilation CD named 'Desencitized To Grind'. It's a 100 band comp.//30 sec each type deal. Our song is about stomping on ladies feet. We are recording at our friend Matt's haus. He's chill.

We are also working on splits with Lunge(also from portland)(8" triangular lathe cut)(Tape version on Amputape), Agathocles (7" on Midnight Sea), and Empire Legs(Tape put out by bands). More to be announced on those as we work on them.

We are on Too Short To Handle Vol. 2 (7in. on Eatshitbuydie//Midnight Sea//Fanzine Benicifio) and Seige Of Power Vol 1. (Tape Comp. on Helms Deep Tapes) both out in the future soonish.
Plus a gang of other shit tba later.

We also got a good amount of demos lying around that we worked semi-hard on so if you want one of those drop us a message on the myspace or whatever.